The Avatars

“Come back in two years” – that’s the answer J.P., Bo and Robbie automatically get every time they go to an audition. They’re all wild about music (and they’re really good!), but they’re sick of no one taking them seriously just because they’re teenagers. Finally, they have a great idea: putting together a virtual band with three fictional musicians called THE AVATARS.


Overnight, they become instant superstars… but only online. It’s amazing being celebrities, but they can’t escape the day to day grind of high school (or dating, or friends, or fights with the family…). It’s hard being an undercover rockstar!

 Who’s Who


J.P.  is the lead singer/songwriter of The Avatars. J.P is a sensitive, hopeful, romantic at heart who is easily excitable and overwhelmed. He’s got a big heart and a bigger mouth, which can get him into trouble...


Bo (16) may be naïve, but he´s the genius of the group. Bo is The Avatar’s keyboardist and plays many instruments. He is generally considered a genius, which contrasts sharply with his appearance. He is in constant search for the "perfect sound".


16 years old, Robbie is the Avatar’s bassist. He is funny, larger-than-life, utterly devoid of shame and self-centered. He complicates matters in seconds and his plans to resolve these things are often even more complicated and absurd...


16 year old Lexy is J.P.’s love interest and secret crush. She is very beautiful, charismatic, (almost magnetic) and has a music blog that has a big following with the “it” crowd and people in the “know”.


15 years old. She is J.P's sister and genius web-designer who created the image of the virtual band, carefully choosing every detail. She is a cartoonist of the "new generation", whose creations are not limited to pencil and paper but also cross over to the computer...


33 years old. He is known as Uncle Paz to his niece and nephew, J.P and Lou, and simply Paz to everyone else. Kind of a loser by vocation, he is a former teen idol (for a legendary dance hit in the 90’s – to which the video has disappeared.)...


(28 years old) Tara lives in the same building as the boys. She considers Paz a great friend and is at his house all the time (without ever asking permission to enter). She is constantly getting hired and fired at various jobs...


Carmen is a famous latin music blogger from Spain. She’s charismatic, carefree, a bit naïve and loves to sing and talk about music all the time. Her blog competes against Lexy’s to be the favorite music blog among teenagers...